Sue and Steven are  in lots of the videos below.  Sue has a speech impediment as she had Bell’s Palsy which paralyzed the left side of her face and she had a stroke over a year and a half ago.  Sue is doing the best she can.  There are also other videos featured here made by other people as well.


Ray Sandford of Minnesota is being forced to have ECT every other week.





Watch Sue Clark-Wittenberg’s videos on ECT and psychiatry made by the Momo Team from Montreal, Quebec.
The Momo team made 3 videos for Sue and two photos for the ad campaign to ban ECT.   Sue thanks Momo, Crila, the Digital Kid and Mario for makig these videos and photos for her last year in February 2008.    See the URL for these videos:  Click on the section where Sue’s name is:  “Sue Clark-Wittenberg”

See”” – one of the best  in the business for making videos, taking photos shoots  and making websites
Sue and Steven made 25 videos about psychiatry and electroshock (ECT) on    Here is the link to see all the videos on their channel:
Posted below are two videos from by Sue and Steven.  Sue has Bell’s Palsy on the left side of her face which is  partially paralyzed.  Sue has a slight speech impediment because of it.

In the video below – “Sue Clark-Wittenberg says ECT should be banned” 


In the video below,  Steven Wittenberg says “my wife had ECT, she was brain damaged by it”


Below is a video on ECT



Videos and audio about ECT:

This link has lots of info about ECT, videos, radio show interviews on ECT, videos on ECT survivors
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