Sue is on the cover of Radical Psychology, Volume Seven, Issue 2, 2008 – A Journal of Psychology, Politics and Radicalism –

Radical Psychology is an international journal that uses a blind peer review process

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The photo below was taken by Crila, a professional photographer from Montreal, Quebec.  See  Crila is part of (  This photo was taken in February 2008 in Ottawa at Sue’s home.  I want to thank Momo, Crila and the team for the wonderful day we spent together and for the great photos and videos that were taken of me.  A very professional team and nice people too.


Radical Psychology
Volume Seven, Issue 2, 2008

Editorial by Brenda A. LeFrançois

Our cover art is part of Sue Clark-Wittenberg’s ad campaign to end electroshock (ECT).  We believe it provides a powerful image\text that speaks volumes on the topic of disability rights, feminism and anti-psychiatry in one brief glimpse. [2]

 [2] Sue Clark-Wittenberg is an antipsychiatry and anti-electroshock activist & speaker who lives in Ottawa, Canada.  She received the Coalition Against Psychiatirc Assault (CAPA)’s  award for “Lifetime Antipsychiatry Activism” in September 2008.  You can read Sue’s story at her website:   Sue is also the Director of the International Campaign to Ban Electroshock (ICBE) 
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