CAPA sponsored the trip for Sue and Steven to go up to Toronto by train and paid for the taxis the day Sue and Steven spent in Toronto.  
The award was one of the events for the Psychiatric Survivor Pride Event which was on September 27, and 28th in Toronto.
Don Weitz a long time friend,  antipsychiatry activist and author greeted Sue and Steven at the Toronto Union train station.
Sue met some people that she knew, Mel Starkman and Graeme Bacque.  Graeme took a video of Sue’s speech.  Sue and Steven met many members of CAPA.
Sue read a 12 page speech.  There was a crowd of 50 psychiatric survivors listening to Sue’s speech. There was art by psychiatric survivors that was fantastic and creative.  Two films were presented- one was on electroshock.
Sue and Steven enjoyed the event and then left to get their train back to Ottawa.  
CAPA organized a great event.   Sue and Steven want to go back to Toronto next year for the ECT protest on Mother’s Day, on May 10th, 2009   See more info about this event.  
See the CAPA website:   and see the Events section.
Sue accepted her CAPA award with gratitude and humility.  Her award hangs on her wall next to her office desk.